Moment of bliss

“Is it true that i am holding a baby in my arms and seeing myself in its gaze, that the bay sparkles and the earth is warm and the sky without a cloud? What era is it, what year is it, who am i, what name do i carry? You, smiling bundle, with sunkissed hair, how did i get you in my arms? I’m alive, i’m alive! On the earth i stand, where have i been before?”

Moment of bliss

“Is it true that i am holding a baby in my arms and seeing myself in its gaze, that the bay sparkles and the earth is warm and the sky without a cloud? What era is it, what year is it, who am i, what name do i carry? You, smiling bundle, with sunkissed hair, how did i get you in my arms? I’m alive, i’m alive! On the earth i stand, where have i been before?”


Friederike, Michelle, and Sandra, we are LivMödrarna – a team of midwives dedicated to providing parents with personalized support throughout their birth and postpartum journey. Whether you choose a home birth or a hospital birth, our services are tailored to meet your unique needs and preferences. We work closely with you to ensure that you have the care and guidance that you require, on your terms. We take on assignments throughout Skåne and have close connections to Lund, Malmö, and the Österlen region.

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Friederike Hahn

“Friederike is a midwife with 12 years of experience, working at Ystad BB and delivery ward. She had a profound experience giving birth to her first child in a “birthhouse” in Germany in 1993, which inspired her to become a midwife. Friederike also gave birth to her second and third child at home in 1996 and 1999, respectively. She believes that home is the best place to give birth as it offers a safe and empowering environment. Friederike had another transformative experience giving birth to her youngest child in 2014. She considers it an indulgence to work in her dream job and feels grateful to witness the birth of new souls and see parents embrace their roles. Friederike trusts the birther’s body and soul and aims to provide a calm and knowledgeable presence, allowing the power of birth to flourish undisturbed. She speaks German, Swedish, and English.”

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Sandra Martin

“Sandra has worked as a midwife for 17 years, attending homebirths around Skåne. Her passion for midwifery runs deep; it is not just a job but an integral part of her identity. This dedication was awakened during her voluntary work in Nepal where she assisted women in their journey to motherhood. Sandra is drawn to travel abroad to learn and gather experience, recently visiting a midwife-led clinic in India. She has given birth to 7 children, which gives her personal insight into the many experiences that parents may have during pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Sandra offers personalized support to her clients, and her gentle approach and calm demeanor help create a safe space where the power of birth can unfold.”

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Michelle Aguilar

“Michelle has been working as a midwife for 5 years. She had the opportunity to do her practices in Vietnam and Uganda, which motivated her to become an advocate for a woman’s right to choose. Michelle started her career at Ystad BB, where she learned from insightful birthers and experienced colleagues about the power of the birthing process. She believes that attending births requires being perceptive and focused on the individual’s needs. Recently, Michelle became a mother herself and had the privilege of welcoming her daughter into the world in the safety of her own home. In addition to her work as a home birth midwife, Michelle also works at the delivery ward in Malmö. She speaks Spanish, Swedish and English.”

Home birth

To freely be able to choose where you give birth is a fundamental right. Security and continuity are often why you choose to have a home birth. Many women and families choose to be in an environment where they feel secure and are able to be with the people whom they want to be around while giving birth, to have the right to independently decide what imprint you want on your birth. To choose to have a home birth means that you let the physiological process to move forward naturally, and as calm as possible, based on your wishes and terms. You have full control over how you want your birth environment to be and who is welcomed into your home.

For us to be able to support you during a home birth, there are a few criteria to be met:

The birthing person should be healthy and have had a normal pregnancy.

The baby’s head should be positioned downwards and the pregnancy should be full-term (between 37+0–41+6 weeks).

Transport to the nearest hospital should not take more than 40 minutes.

We offer a videophone call or meeting first of all, for you to ask questions and check if you feel the chemistry feels right between us.

When you give birth at home with us, we are flexible in adapting to your needs. Some want/need to meet more often, others less. If you decide to hire us, we usually meet twice before delivery and twice after. If you feel you need extra visits, we will arrange it.  We do not have predetermined pregnancy weeks that we follow when we meet, but adapt to your wishes. Our on-call period starts from week 37+0 and continues until week 42+0. We are a team of three midwives, and we usually have two present at the birth. We are three midwives in the team, and we usually have two present during childbirth. During the initial meeting, we try to have all three of us present so that you can meet us all. The presence of specific midwives during childbirth depends on our schedules and availability at that time. Sometimes, we may switch with each other, or one of us may visit during the latent phase and then leave, with the others taking over when the active phase begins. We aim to have two out of the three of us present at your birth. Besides home births, we also work at the hospital, so in rare cases, another midwife colleague may assist us during the birth. These midwives are also experienced and knowledgeable in home births. During certain time periods, usually a few hours, our schedules may overlap. Historically, this has rarely been a problem, but it’s important that you communicate any signs of labor so that we can optimize our planning to be present when you need us.

When giving birth at home, we allow your body to give birth physiologically without any interventions, and we let the baby come at its own pace. We monitor the baby’s heart rate with a doppler to ensure that it is responding well to the labour. If there is any deviation from what is normal, we reserve the right to have you transfered to the hospital for adequate care. If you wish, one of our midwives will accompany you and continue to support you.

After delivery, we usually make a visit after a few days to check on how you are doing, see how breastfeeding is going, and how the recovery is progressing. After that, we make a final visit to get closure, have a so-called postpartum conversation, and hear about your experiences.

We have a large “bathtub” for lending, as shown in the picture above. If you borrow it, you need to have a garden hose and pick up and return it from Löderup.

There are various pain relief methods that you can use during a home birth, such as taking a shower or bath, using a TENS machine, receiving massage, acupuncture, or sterile water injections, among others. Many people who give birth at home choose to do so in water, which has a pain-relieving effect and a number of positive effects, as studies show, you can read more about this here.

Research shows that giving birth at home is just as safe as giving birth in a hospital if you are in good health and have had a normal pregnancy. New studies even suggest that giving birth at home may be safer if you have given birth before and if the home birth is integrated into the healthcare system. You can find articles about this here. Some “home midwives” may recommend using different types of herbs and natural medication to optimize the birth, which you can read about in more detail here.


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Perhaps you feel that you require more personalized support than what modern-day birth care can provide, but are not keen on having a home birth. Alternatively, you may be classified as having a “high-risk pregnancy,” which disqualifies you from having a home birth. Regardless, we are here to support you, as we can act as your private midwife/doula.

The most critical aspect of our work is ensuring that you feel secure and empowered during your birth experience, both before, during, and after, as this is vital for a good and resilient parenthood.

So what does a midwife/doula do? As reassuring professionals, we can come to your home and offer personal support during early labor. When the time comes, we accompany you to the hospital, where our role as a medically responsible midwife transitions into that of a doula. We continue to support you, but without medical responsibility. Having a familiar face that you share a bond with can be comforting.

Why would you choose to have a midwife/doula? To have a more secure overall experience, with the same person accompanying you throughout your journey. Someone who is knowledgeable about all aspects of childbirth, including the physiological, mental, and emotional aspects. We are here for you in the way that you need us to be.

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Early stage of labour support

As the birth approaches, the cervix begins to mature. You may experience period cramp-like pain in your lower belly or back. The cervix shortens, changes consistency and position, and begins to open up a few centimeters. Contractions may be irregular, with varying intensity, and may alternate between regular contractions and periods of calm and longer intervals lasting for several hours.

For first-time birthers, and even experienced ones, it can be challenging to determine if the delivery has begun or if it is still in the early stages of labor. This phase can last for several days, hours, or even be barely noticeable. As midwives, we can provide you with support during this time, whether through phone, video call, or in-person at your home. Knowing which stage of labor you are in can help you feel calmer and safer. Together, we can devise strategies to help you manage this phase in the best way possible. We can also listen to the baby’s heart rate, perform a vaginal exam if requested, and offer advice and recommendations.

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Breastfeeding support

Breastfeeding can be challenging at first, and it may require resilience and determination to overcome the initial obstacles. Nipple soreness and blistering, along with poor latching from the baby, can make breastfeeding feel daunting during the first few weeks after birth. It is normal to feel sensitive and vulnerable during this time, and it can be challenging to get breastfeeding to work.

Fortunately, small adjustments in positioning and latching can make a significant difference and alleviate discomfort. In some cases, all that is needed is reassurance that you and your newborn are on the right track. As midwives, we can provide this support through phone calls, video calls, or in-person visits to your home.

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Price list

Home birth: 35.000 kr

Midwife/doula: 25.000 kr

Home visit: 1.500 kr per 60-minute session, which includes support during the early stages of labor, breastfeeding, and the fourth trimester, among other areas.

In addition to the service fees, a travel expense fee of 35 kr/10km and a flat fee of 600 kr per car for trips over 40 minutes will be added.


We wish for, and fight for, home births to be financed, unfortunately it is not today, we encourage you to apply for finance from your region so that the demand is noticed, Birth Rights Sweden.

Medical Finance

“We offer instalment plans when you buy a service through one of our partners and interestbearing loans. You can apply online, choose the amount and refer to LivMödrarna- Lund in the clinic-list and then you sign with Bank-ID.”

Medical Finance

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If you have any thoughts or questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will respond to you as promptly as possible.

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